Stephen Martin Allan – im Interview

Cats - Stephen Martin Allan - Credits: VBW - Sandra Kosel

Stephen Martin Allan finished at the Canada’s National Ballet School in 2018 and got the Special Staff Ballet Award and the Musician Award. Afterwards he studied at Guildford School of Acting. Stephen is not only a dancer but also one of the youngest choreographer in London. He worked as a choreographer with several dancers of the Dutch National Ballet School, the San Francisco Ballet School and the Canada’s National Ballet School. Since autumn 2019 Stephen is playing the role of “Mr. Mistoffelees” in “CATS – The Musical” in Vienna.

The Interview is from Jan 2020.

You finished at the Canada’s National Ballet School in 2018. What did you take from your dance education?

Hard Work, Discipline and Patience

Have you always wanted to be a dancer?

I’ve always wanted to be a triple threat.

What is necessary to be successful as an artist?

Believing in yourself is the main thing for me. Alongwith that comes focus and hard work but the only person that can do it for you is you.

Which main challenges do you face at the beginning of your career as an artist?

Being young.

You are playing the role of „Mr. Mistoffelees” in “CATS – The Musical” in Vienna. What is fascinating at CATS and what do you like most about your role of “Mr. Mistoffelees”?

CATS is amazing because every night you can make your performance different. Something that Chrissie Cartwright taught me was not to stage being a Cat, just do it and physically get into the mindframe of being feline. What I like about doing Mr Mistoffelees is that I don’t have to hold back and can show my full capability.

CATS – Stephen Martin Allan (Mr. Mistofelees)- Credits: Deen van Meer

Will you focus on musicals now or are you still amenable to all types of music?

I am open to all pathways in Performing Arts. I love singing, I love choreographing, I adore acting, and dancing.

What do you like to do in ten years? Will you still be a dancer or do you work in another job?

I believe that in 10 years I will lean more to the choreographing and directing side of things.

What do you think about Social Media? Obligatory for artists?

Nowadays…. Yes. Social Media is a marketing platform for artists.

And what do you think about Marketing in general? Is it important for the career or does the artistic performance counts primarily?

Both. It’s all about marketing yourself but I believe talent plays a big part too.

How important are fans in the musical business and how is your experience with fans?

I think fans are great, they encourage performers and show their admiration to ones performance or artistic choices which is very encouraging. My experience with fans have been wonderful… coming to the stage door each day and seeing people who admire me and my performance so much truly touches me. I am also very grateful for the amount of time and money they put in to seeing a performance so many times a month!

Are you also a fan of a certain singer, dancer or actor?

Of course, I am a huge fan of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jessica Lange.

Thanks for the interview, Stephen.

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Cats - Stephen Martin Allan - Credits: VBW - Sandra Kosel

Cats – Stephen Martin Allan – Credits: VBW – Sandra Kosel

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